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God's Promises: Prosperity Scriptures and Mantras to Help You Attract Sustainable Wealth (Ebook)

After conducting a 15-year study on divine financial abundance and wealth, I dedicated my life to helping others achieve the life they desire and deserve. Many of us have been taught that money is evil and that being poor is a sin, but the truth is that not having enough resources to live a life of abundance is the real sin. We were created to prosper, and it is our divine right to live a life filled with abundance. Once we understand and believe in these promises, we can start living them.

That's why I created this comprehensive workbook to help you move from a state of lack to a state of abundance. Its purpose is to awaken your spiritual connection to prosperity and align you with the promises of God. By shifting your mindset and providing you with mantras and affirmations, this ebook can help you change your vibrational alignment with money.

But that's not all! This ebook includes much more valuable information to help you achieve financial abundance and wealth. You'll learn practical steps and strategies to create a mindset of prosperity and manifest abundance in your life. You'll also learn how to identify and eliminate limiting beliefs about money and how to develop a positive relationship with wealth.

What You'll Learn:

  • Unlock Divine Abundance: Discover how to align with God's promises of prosperity and abundance, shifting from a state of lack to one of abundance.

  • Awaken Your Spiritual Connection: Learn how to strengthen your spiritual connection to prosperity and wealth.

  • Vibrational Alignment: Understand how to change your vibrational alignment with money, attracting financial abundance into your life.

  • Practical Prosperity Strategies: Gain access to practical steps and strategies to create a prosperity mindset and manifest abundance.

  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs about money, clearing the path for wealth and abundance.

  • Positive Wealth Relationship: Develop a positive and empowering relationship with wealth, enabling you to embrace sustainable financial well-being.

  • Empower Transformation: Utilize the guidance in this ebook to empower your journey toward a transformed financial situation and the life you genuinely deserve.

The guidance in this ebook will empower you to transform your financial situation and achieve the life you deserve. Please note that the download may take a few hours to come through email, but I assure you that the wait will be worth it!

What People Are Saying:

It's an amazing book and reading the different passage calms me down.

Lorinda B.

Since I received God's Promises printed version, I have not put it down. I continue to read and re-read this everyday. I have always felt that GOD is on my side, but this book makes me feel even closer...Thank You

Sabrina J.