5 Day Workshop to help you gain Clarity and Attract the Flow of Abundance!


Do you want to create more Money without working harder?  Do you believe you can have all the Money you want or Nah?  Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet? I have been there and done that; however, life changed once I learned the truth

...and I want to share this truth with you!



Did you know Money was your friend... and that you're supposed to have more than enough to just live comfortably?

I bet most of you answered "No"!

Well, I am here to tell you that is just not true. Not only are you supposed to have enough money to support your business and lifestyle, but you are also supposed to have enough to help the causes that are near and dear to your heart.

If you are NOT living abundantly, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you tired of watching from the sidelines while others live extraordinary, prosperous lives?
  • Have you given, given, given, and are still waiting on the windows of heaven to open? Are you BARELY getting by?
  • Do you have dreams and desires you want to accomplish?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you don’t want to miss this 5-day intensive workshop... The Money Mindset Detox Series.

Let me tell you, I have taught this class for five years, and every time AMAZING, Miraculous things happen, not only for those who are taking it but for me as well.

Last year I had four clients hit over 6 figures in their business within 90 days! People received phone calls and letters stating their debts were paid and canceled- miracle after miracle.

If you are READY, and I mean Really Ready, sign up for the workshop, you will be glad you did.


How It Works

Day One + Two

Why Is Detoxing Essential to Personal & Financial Growth and How to Identify the Clutter in Your Life?

This experience will be life-changing; during day one, you will learn how detoxing your mindset will help you master Money in a way you never thought possible. Then on day two, we’ll start to dive deep and take a look at the possible things that may be cluttering your life and blocking your flow of abundance.

Many spiritual teachers don’t teach about money because of the stigma that “money is bad.” I’m here to tell you MONEY is good and you should have more than enough!

Love from a few students...

Andretta J.

"I am so grateful for this course. I agree we have to stay mindful of our thoughts around money. I say regularly through out the day that money comes to me easily and effortlessly, I am a money magnet, money finds me, money comes to me in large quantities through multiple source on a regular basis. It takes daily practice to remove the negative/toxic thoughts we were taught at such early ages."

Elijah C.

"Thank you so much for this fruitful knowledge Dr. Fran! I’m learning my own blocks to money and I’m laughing because it’s all clicking! You are an amazing light thank you!"


Day Three + Four

How to Declutter Your Mind and Body While Preparing Yourself to Receive?

I feel that part of my work in this world is to raise Prosperity Consciousness and to be a guide to those who are looking for financial abundance. God did not put you here to suffer; he wants you to prosper even as your soul grows, and I’m going to show you how.

On day three, we’ll devise an action plan to help start decluttering your mind and surroundings to prepare for day 4, where you'll begin to see how removing some of those mental blocks opens a direct path to receive the flow of abundance.

Day Five

Powerful Workshop Recap and so much more!

Let me ask you, what do you really, honestly want? What are your deepest desires? What kind of lifestyle do you feel you deserve?

Now for one second, let's imagine... you have ALL THE MONEY you need to make your wildest dreams come true in your bank account right now, and all you have to do is go get it!

Money is not your issue...

As a matter of fact, Money comes when you call, it flows to you easily and effortlessly. And that's what we discuss on day five. We'll review a few of your challenges revealed during the workshop and ways to help you reach your next level of personal abundance. And as a special bonus, we added a complimentary lesson on crafting a solid Prosperity Agreement.  I am determined to give you the tool you need to detox your mind and raise your Prosperity. 

Why I Created Money Mindset Detox

When I pray, I always ask God, “How can I serve? What can I do to help women live the lives they truly desire. How can I help them to evaluate and understand that there is no need too struggle.”

God says, “teach them, but they have to take the step but teach them..”

I have studied prosperity for years, teaching small and large groups of women how to generate true wealth. Over the last couple of years, I have been re-creating this series to help women increase and sustain their wealth. After recently attending a conference, I heard the voice of Spirit so clearly tell me it was time to relaunch this course. There are so many women seeking to increase their abundance, enrich their lives and clear their debt, but they have no idea how. Many are struggling through job transitions, battling divorce, and others just plain lost. Hearing Spirit spotlight these issues that so many women are facing, I knew it was time.

I want every woman to be abundant and have control over there financial life. I want you to know that it is possible too manifest and create exactly what you desire. I know because I did it... I paid down 100k in debt in a year with the principles of Manifestation, but first, I had to detox my mind and declutter my life to prepare myself to receive. Now I am sharing these same principles for success with you!

I can't wait to share how I changed the course of my life and went from my kitchen table to a business making over 6 figures a year.

Are you ready for a change?


Some more students love...

Gillian C.

"I started doing the brain dump since December 2021, and I've been so grateful to you, Fran, for these lessons I didn't realize the toxic thoughts were really holding me back so much. I am so grateful to let it go once and for all in my brain dump later on today before I go to bed. I realize this has been helping me to declutter my thoughts and my stress levels have dropped since I started."


Christina P.

"I cannot even find the words to comment about this 5 day challenge. This is sooooo filling. It’s like Christmas dinner at your grandmas house! I have watched all of the videos posted so far twice. It’s filled with so many gems you have to watch more than once. Thank you Dr. Fran, for keeping your promise to God about teaching anyone who would listen. I’m so grateful God chose me to be one of your students. You, Dr. Fran, are often times my EXTRA source of motivation or relief from the troubles of my mind. Thank you so much for ALL that you do!"

Are You Ready?

Get Started Today...

The key to complete abundance is not only money but abundant health, wealth, prosperity, and love. And I want to help you open your world and mind to receive it all.

There is so much you will receive and learn during this workshop, and in just five short days, you will begin to see a remarkable shift in your life, GUARANTEED!

In the past, I taught this course LIVE to a small group of VIP clients for $777. Many of which began to make 6 figures in their business within 90 days.

But recently, Spirit asked me to relaunch the course and touch as many lives as possible.

Through divine guidance from my Heavenly Staff, I was able to redesign the program to reach more people...

And now I’m offering my abundance-driven Money Mindset Detox Workshop for ONLY $333.33. This is an investment in your future that will change the course of your life and abundance forever.

Remember, if you want to see a change in your life, you have to start somewhere, and it begins with you getting your mindset right!

I can’t wait to start this journey with you! Once you open your mind to the limitless possibilities of this phenomenal universe, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE GUARANTEED!!

Money Mindset Detox


Value: $777

5-Day Intensive Workshop Includes:

  • Day 1: Why Detoxing Is Essential To Personal & Financial Growth?
  • Day 2: Identifying The Clutter In Your Life.
  • Day 3: How To Declutter Your Mind and Body?
  • Day 4: Preparing Your Mind To Receive.
  • Day 5: Powerful Workshop Recap and a bonus lesson on writing an effective Prosperity Agreement!
  • Plus Video Teachings, Actionable Exercises, and Worksheet(s).