The Elite Sacred Circle is a monthly membership full of spiritual teachings with Dr. Fran’s divine guidance, and so much more. This Sacred Circle will be unlike any other I’ve ever offered. You won’t want to miss it!


Do you want...

Create a strong spiritual practice

A deeper connection to your intuition?

 To consciously co-create your life?

 More divine guidance?

 Remove the block of generational curses affecting your life?

If you answered Yes to any of the above then...

 Join The Elite Sacred Circle

Let me tell you about the Elite Sacred Circle!


Many people think they can’t receive Divine guidance. They know they need help but are afraid to ask what it means to work with me, what it may cost to work with a Spiritual Advisor, and if they can genuinely co-create a life they desperately seek.

I have one word for anyone who’s wondering: Yes! Yes, you can afford to work with me. Yes, you can receive specific messages the Angels give me. Yes, there is a way to see through the darkness, the doubt, and the fear.

You have everything inside of you to be the best you! However, you have to tap into the tools and use them consistently. Bridging the physical and spiritual world is the most dynamic tool you possess.

You are NOT alone! There is a whole HEAVENLY staff waiting to assist you.


"Homework was so had me having a continuous conversation with myself."

Greetings Beautiful, I'm Dr. Fran Leigh!

As a Spiritual Transformation Coach, I created the Elite Sacred Circle with you in mind. It’s special because when the Angels speak, I listen, and they so clearly and explicitly told me—that this is YOUR time.

Your time to heal, clear the blocks standing in your way, and attract the love and the abundance you desire.

This circle is the perfect way to learn the intentional living teachings and develop the tools needed to design the life you deserve while in a community of like-minded individuals.

This Sacred Circle is for you if:

You want receive powerful monthly messages.

You want access to get a quick answer and guidance when something’s unclear.

 You need just a little more advice to create the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

 You want to intentionally co-create your life with the help of Spirit and Your Spiritual Staff.

If you answered Yes to any of the above then...

Join The Elite Sacred Circle

The Elite Sacred Circle Includes:

  • New Monthly Teaching videos from Spirit's perspective and Worksheet(s).
  • Different topics each month, designed to teach you how to intentionally co-create your life.
  • Intention and Manifestation tools geared to help enhance your life, love, money, and business.
  • Access to the private Facebook Community where your intentions will be held with a group of like-minded individuals who will help you bring forth your manifestation.
  • Monthly Q&A Submission with Dr. Fran and clear guidance from the Angels, ascended masters, teachers, and the Holy Spirit. Submit any question to Dr. Fran and receive a video/audio response.

"An absolute must!!! I cannot wait for tomorrow’s session! There are no coincidences I needed this and trust me you do too!!!❤️❤️ Doing my homework right now 🤔Words really do have power 💥💥💥! Thank you Dr. Fran 🙏🏾love you. I’m a testimony y’all 😘😘😘 #grateful"


The Elite Sacred Circle


A Monthly

  • New Monthly Video Teaching
  • Monthly Worksheet(s)
  • Unlimited Access to All Lessons
  • Access to the Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Q&A Submission with Dr. Fran (Submit any question to Dr. Fran and receive a video/audio response.)

Inside Sneak Peek:

Miracle Money Mindset Shift

The Miracle Money Mindset Shift Lesson is about aligning your mindset to attract abundance by connecting with your higher thoughts to activate the magnetic flow of prosperity.

When you shift your consciousness, you shift your money by tapping into the power of infinite thought and creating massive abundance in your life.

Plus New content every month!


"I just finished and I feel so good and now I'm going to sleep😊 #500k #feelsgood"

Can't wait to see you on the inside!