“The trouble with most people is that they have no invisible means of support.”

- Dr. Joseph Murphy


Did you know that you have an invisible source of supply?

Your Invisible Source of Supply

There is an invisible substance that is waiting to provide for your every need. Many people are not even aware that they have this energetic substance of financial support.

Do you realize that God is the Source of your abundance?

Not only is he the Source of your abundance, but he is also waiting for you to tap into that abundance and do miraculous things.

The way that you do that is through knowing God’s promises. The promises of plenty, plenty, plenty, and not just enough to get by. Not just a drip here and there of financial abundance. But a consistent, increasing, lavish fulfilling abundance. 

Generational Wealth!!

Enough abundance not only for you to leave a legacy for your children and their children, but for you to help change the World because that is really what it’s all about. Help shape, change, and ultimately grow the World. That’s why we’re here to leave an impact. 

Once you know His promises, once you understand the Spiritual Economics and know that God is the invisible Source of substance and supply, you will not only change the dynamics of your life, but you will also change the trajectory of your income. Period!


Let's Get Started

Module One

All About Our Angels...

Or, as I like to call them, our Heavenly Staff!

Did you know there is a legion of Angels in Heaven? Well, there are!

Not only are you given a Guardian Angel at birth, but there are also serval angels assigned to help you throughout your life. And an unlimited number of Angels that you can call on anytime because you always have access to them.

There is an Angel for almost everything. From an abundance Angel to assist with your finances to an Angel to help you find lost things and more. The Angels are primed and ready to offer you genuinely divine guidance, and this course will teach not only how to connect with them but also how to ask them for their infinite wisdom.

Module Two

Knowing & Applying The Word!

When I was finally fed up and ready to change my financial situation, I prayed and prayed. I begged, cried, fasted, and was down on my knees for days. I asked my angels, spirit guides, and heavenly staff for direction, and the first place I was led was to the scriptures.

See, I was taught that God’s word is your shield and your sword. I felt if I knew His promises like the back of my hand, then I would receive those promises, so I wrote down every prosperity scripture I was led to and that I could find. And what I found not only changed my finances, it transformed my life!

Many of us were raised to believe that “money is the root of all evil.” And that is entirely untrue! In fact, "money is the root of joy and happiness"; because it’s not just about money but what the money can afford you, a beautiful home, a loving partner, a wonderful family, vacations, financial freedom, and great health. God wants you to live an abundantly prosperous life, and I want to help you stand on that promise with guidance on how to use the word.

Module Three

Living In The Flow

Remember, the Word is your shield and your sword, right? Knowing the Word and His promises for your life is your shield, which is essential. But I’m also going to show you how to use God’s Word as a tool to co-create remarkable life.

Once you learn how to apply God's promises to your life, you will become fully equipped! It is an excellent way to reprogram your subconscious and connect with your heavenly surplus.

Throughout this course, I will provide multiple prosperity scriptures, show you how to use them properly, and even teach you how to create your own powerful affirmations from the scriptures.

Know God's Promises For Your Life

If you are waiting on your job to make you wealthy, you will always be waiting. If you’re waiting on a person to make you wealthy, you’ll be waiting forever. If you’re waiting on some chance of luck to make you wealthy, you need to stop waiting!

You simply have to know God’s Promises of prosperity for your life. Understand who’s the Real Source for your infinite supply and how to apply these massive economic Biblical principles to your life.

Your life will indeed, beyond the shadow of a doubt, change, and you will experience more prosperity, wealth, and money than you could ever spend.

Whether you know it or not, abundance and wealth are your birthrights, your true essence. It’s time you see the divine truth. Not having the money you deserve is no longer an option, and it is time to connect to the Ultimate Source.


God's Promises Advanced Course



  • Module One: Learn all about your Heavenly Staff and how to connect with them for divine financial guidance.
  • Module Two: How to build a new awareness by incorporating God's Promises to remove your limiting beliefs?
  • Module Three: How to apply God's Promises to your daily life to create consistent wealth?
  • Six (6) In-depth Biblical teaching videos full of prosperity promises, scriptures, and mantras.
  • Nine (9) Bible Study worksheets are jam-packed with Biblical references and important change-provoking questions to ensure growth, agreement, etc.
  • Plus, a FREE copy of my Best Selling E-Book "God's Promises: Prosperity Scriptures and Mantras to Help You Attract Sustainable Wealth"